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Oct 7/18

To all Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club members:
Ramsey Bay has a thin layer of ice this morning which is a reminder that sledding season is fast approaching. We have scheduled our annual meeting for Nov 10/18, 1 pm at the Ramsey Bay Rec Hall. This is an important meeting for many reasons but  mostly because there will be an election of officers for a 2 year term.  Each of the current executive have held the position for two or more terms and have indicated that they will not serve another term. The exception is the trail coordinator position (Peter Kirychuk) who will stay for another term (if no one volunteers for that position) but only if all other executive positions are filled.
Because our club is a non profit organization we require an executive to comply with the requirements stated in the Act. Not meeting these requirements could result in the club being forced to dissolve. Unfortunately this would result in losing our designated trails status, our shelters and our equipment. Because of this we are asking members to seriously consider letting their name stand for an executive position so we can continue to enjoy what we have built up over the years.  The executive positions are: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer and Trail Coordinator/Member at Large. A brief outline of the responsibilities of each position is listed below. If you will accept one of these executive positions and help keep our club active please phone or text Peter (306 960 6953) or Wayne (306 960 5476).

Executive Positions and Duties


  • spokesperson for the club in dealing with government, SSA and all other communication.
  • chair the AGM and executive meetings.
  • attend SSA zone meetings.
  • assist the event coordinators as required.

 Vice President

  • assume the duties of the president in their absence.
  • assist the event coordinators as required.


  • record minutes of the AGM and any executive meetings
  • prepare and submit the annual financial report
  • pay invoices as required and perform the required banking.
  • maintain the club membership list.
  • assist the event coordinators as required

 Trail coordinator/Member at Large

  • coordinate maintenance and grooming of trails
  • coordinate maintenance of shelters
  • assume the role role SSA delegate and attend zone meetings as required
  • work closely with SSA on trails and mapping
  • assist event coordinators as required