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 Happy Sledding New Year!
Dec 4/16:   AGM minutes and reports are now posted on meetings page.
Dec 3/16:  On Friday Dec 2/16 all of the building material for the Musquash shelter is now on site awaiting for final approval before construction begins. It was a long day on Friday, moving the material to the site but with a few mechanical mishaps it is now all there, tarped and ready! More photos at Musquash photo album. Thanks to the movers….Loverne Thompson, Jim Wiggins, Dave Street, Greg Melvin, Wayne Harnett, Lyle Wood, Sheldon Friesen, Bill Tuttroen, Ken Prokop and Peter Kirychuk.

November 21/16:  We have received some good news from SSA and Sask Environment.  Earlier this year all of our trails were classified as Northern Bush Trails similar to designated trails however the trails do not have to be widened. It also means that we are able to construct shelters on these trails after submitting an application which requires an approval process. Although we have not yet received final approval for the rebuilding of the Musquash shelter we have been assured that it is forthcoming. We did receive a written permit to allow us to to transport building materials to the site at any time.

This weekend we did move a steel foundation to the site. A big thanks to Dave Street who designed it and donated his time and material for the construction of this foundation. Also thanks to Jim Baier and Rick Libke (Elance Steel) for supplying the paint and painting it. Thanks to Dave Street, Greg Melvin, Gerry Schultz, Lyle Wood, Ken Prokop, Larry Rempel, Jim Wiggins, and Peter Kirychuk for moving and levelling the foundation.

We still plan to build this year if the weather cooperates and early final approval is received.

Go to Musquash photo album for construction update photos.