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To renew membership you may do an etransfer to ramseybaysnow1@gmail.com. Annual membership fees are $20 single or $50 for a family with children

Club News and Updates

Mar 9/21: We have received another donation to the Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club. The family of Don and Phyliss Kirychuk gave a monetary donation in memory of their parents. Don and Phyliss were long time residents of Ramsey Bay and were original members of our snowmobile club. A big thanks to the Kirychuk family.

Feb 6/21: Because of the extreme cold there are not many riders this weekend however most trails were groomed last week and snow conditions are good.

Further to the donations that were acknowledged earlier we have another donation to to our club. A big thanks to Cecil Friesen who gave a monetary donation to the Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club.

Jan 19/21: Skidoos for sale in classified


Jan 10/21: In addition to the two donations received earlier from Jerad McFarlane and Chad Bartel we have recently received two other donations. A big thanks to Barry Shelton and Bill Tuttroen for their monetary donations to our club.


Dec 28/20: When sledding over the holidays be very careful where creeks cross the trails. Because of the mild winter it has taken longer than normal for the creeks to freeze. The known areas to watch for are listed below but there could be others.

1. Trails entering and leaving Denise Lake.
2. Between Kirychuk and Edgelow Lake
3. Trail entering Kirychuk Lake from the West

Dec 24/20: A big thank you to Pines Motor Sports Marine in Prince Albert who gave a donation of $350 to our club. This is very much appreciated by the Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club.



Dec 23/20: Below is an important message from SSA re covid


The Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport is concerned about gatherings occurring at our snowmobile shelters and has requested weekly updates on what the SSA is doing to minimize this. Today we did another social media push with more detailed information on how the guidelines affect the shelters and ask that all clubs with social media accounts share it. Many of you have email lists for your membership so if you are able to get the message out that way as well it would be greatly appreciated.

As the latest update was a little confusing on how it affected gathering limits at our shelters we have confirmed with the Business Response Team and the following is what is to be followed:

The max gathering limit inside a shelter is 10, and there must be at least 2 meters distance between households. However, as the shelters are not subject to scheduled disinfection, gatherings of any size in any shelter beyond immediate household is strongly discouraged. Mask use is mandatory as it is a public building.

All our clubs must ensure that the COVID Safety Signs are posted on every shelter door, if you are missing a sign please let me know ASAP and I will send you out a replacement. While waiting for the replacement you can print out the attached pdf and post it to the door. Failure to ensure the signage is posted or any club organized gathering, rally or ride that contravenes the Public Heath Order may result in your club being fined by Public Health or the RCMP. 

I will continue to provide you with updates on how the provincial health guidelines affect our trails and shelters and ask that you clean and disinfect your shelters as much as possible.

I hope you all have a safe and Merry Christmas,

Leah Switzer, Trail Fund Administrator
Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association Inc.
221 Centre Street, Box 533
Regina Beach, SK  S0G 4C0
Phone  306-729-3500  or 306-729-3507
Fax 306-729-3505
Email:  leah@sasksnow.com

Dec 21/20: If sledding over the holidays most of our trails are open but not all. Conditions are fairly good and there is over 12 inches of ice on the lakes. Remember to carry a saw with you because fire killed trees are always falling on our trails. All three shelters are open and covid rules are posted at each shelter. When using the shelters please abide by these rules. Our club grooms ski trails on the West side of Ramsey bay, the bush West of the main road and the campground loops. Please stay off these ski trails with snowmobiles.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy sledding New Year.

Dec 12/20: Thanks to Jerad McFarlane and his mulching equipment for 3 days of clearing and widening of our snowmobile trails. Unfortunately because of the wet conditions this year he was unable to go on some of the trails. However the trails that were accessible are now wide and cleared (approximately 45 km of trails). Also thanks to Trevor Wessel, Russ Boettcher, Wayne Harnett and Peter Kirychuk for assisting Jerad.


Nov 29/20: A big thank you to the Bartels (Chad, Carleen and Henlee) who delivered and donated a tank (271 Liters) of fuel to our club. This is very much appreciated by the Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club and will be used in our two sleds for trail grooming.


Nov 23/20: Message from our president, Tyler Tollefson.

Dear Members,
As you may or may not know $110.00 of your snowmobile registration in Saskatchewan goes to the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association for their trail fund. This money is then distributed to clubs across the province that meet certain criteria, unfortunately at the present time we do not meet a lot of this criteria (9.5’ trails, continuous groomed loops, GPS groomer, proper signage, etc.).
In an effort to access some of these funds I would like to get some numbers on how many of our members pay their yearly registration (plates, insurance) to SGI. If you could please send me an email, text or give me a call with the number of sleds you register or plan to register. I am only using this information as a tool to show the SSA that we have several of our members that register their snowmobiles and that money being distributed to other clubs.
As it stands right now it does not look very promising for us to hold any of our fundraising events and I am not sure we will be able to access any of the SSA money this season although I have started the discussion. With that being said we are going to rely heavily on the SSA snowmobile raffle ticket sales and our paid memberships so please if you haven’t done so already please buy/sell some tickets and pay your club membership.
Tyler Tollefson

Nov 23/20: Sledding season is now here and this is an update on trail conditions, etc. There is anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of ice on the lakes with some slush. The trails that have been checked have some wet spots and many down trees. It appears that after the fire of 2015 the trees are now falling on the trails. Because of covid, we have not scheduled any major trail clearing sessions, however everyone is urged to carry saws and clear trails as they ride with their own group. Also, the SSA have developed covid guidelines which will be posted at all of our shelters. Please follow these guidelines when using the shelters.


Oct 27/20: Welcome to the first post of the 2020//21 sledding season. We have a slight covering of snow on the ground and the lakes are starting to freeze so sledding is fast approaching. Hopefully we have a season with tons of snow and nice temperatures.

Attached is a letter from SSA regarding the use of shelters during this pandemic along with shelter guidelines and Volunteer Trail Work Best Practices.

SSA Letter Shelter Guidelines Volunteer Trail Work


SSA Sled Raffle

The annual SSA sled raffle ticket sales is a good source of revenue for our club. Because of covid many clubs are selling these tickets on line and we have decided to do the same. Tickets are $2 each or $40 for a book of 20 tickets. To purchase a ticket or a number of tickets please e transfer the $ amount to ramseybaysnow1@gmail.com. Include in your e transfer the number of tickets, name, address and phone no. For people who do not do e transfers ticket books will also be available from any of the executive. Click preview for a picture of the ticket.


Message from our President

Greetings Everyone, 
I hope that everyone is well doing well during these trying times. We have received some great news from the government and the SSA this week in regards to the use of our warm up shelters, trails and what procedures/guidelines are to be followed. 
The executive has decided to postpone the annual meeting due to the indoor gathering size numbers being reduced once again.  This was to be an election year and the current executive will let their names stand until a meeting can be called. If there are any current members that would like to put their names forward for a seat on the executive please let one of the current executive members know.  Also if you have any ideas or suggestions for the upcoming year please feel free to share them with a member of the executive or to the clubs email address.  

Tyler Tollefson