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Musquash Shelter

The Musquash shelter which was destroyed in the 2015 fire has been rebuilt. Although there are a few finishing touches and the siding has yet to be installed, the building is secure and squirrel proof. The wood clearing/cutting crew have stockpiled a good supply of split wood for many seasons. There were some “Oh f***s” during the construction but all turned out well in the end and all volunteers are now certified carpenters. Thanks to Dave, Gerry, Bill, Greg, Gary, Wayne, Ken, Jim, Warren, Loverne, Lyle, Cec and Peter for a job well done. Now let it snow but maybe not until November. Check out the photo album Musquash shelter Rebuild.



The Ramsey Bay Snowmobile club would like to acknowledge and thank Jared McFarlane for donating his equipment and time to clear the Kid’s Lake Trail. On Thursday and Friday Jared used his mulching equipment to clear the trail to it’s original width which is at least 12 feet wide. This trail will now give a good, direct access to the new Musquash shelter which will be constructed later this month. Thanks also to Gerry Schultz, Bill Tuttroen, Jim Wiggins and Ken Prokop who assisted on Thursday and to Wayne Harnett and Peter Kirychuk who helped on both days. Once again thanks Jared for a job well done!