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Jan 17/19: Our annual Rally is scheduled for Saturday Feb 15/20 and as usual volunteers are needed to run this event. If you are able to assist please call or text Sean at 306-290-9892 or Peter at 306-960-6953 or post on our facebook page. The volunteer schedule and times are listed by clicking here.

Jan 16/20: Highways have assessed the situation on km 22 of the rock lake road and have determined that the culvert is blocked and they will not do any repairs until spring. Water is still flowing over the road and freezing. Please use caution when snowmobiling over this area.
Also water is flowing over the Kids Lake trail near Gregory Lake. When the weather permits we will be creating a bypass around this spot. Signs will be posted in both locations.

Jan 15/20: Our 20th annual snowmobile rally is scheduled for Feb 15/20. Click for poster

Dec 22/19: Thanks to Jerad McFarlane and his equipment we cleared approximately 27 km of trails during the past 3 days. This would have taken us probably the rest of the winter to clear by hand. Trails cleared were 4 km from Thunder Mountain shelter to the meadow, 6 km on the old rock lake trail and 17 km on the Kids lake trail. These trails are now wide and clear and all we need is more snow.
Thanks again Jerad. Also a big thanks to those that assisted for 1, 2 or all 3 days. They were Warren Rustad, Loverne Thompson, Jim Wiggins, Wayne Harnett, Ken Prokop, Gerry Schultz, Tyler Hooey and Peter Kirychuk.

Dec 10/19: The 2019 AGM minutes are available for viewing by clicking Meetings. Although there is not yet a lot of snow, sledding is possible and the new Thunder Mountain Shelter is ready for the season. There is, as usual, trail clearing to be done on most trails and we ask all to assist the club by doing some clearing when you ride.

Oct 13/19: Another day at the new Thunder Mountain shelter 27/19: last Saturday (Day 12). Stove is in, benches in and painted, window and door moulding installed. Also cleared approximately 1 km South from the shelter with about 2 km of this trail yet to be cleared. Thanks to the latest group of 8 who helped on Saturday. Brush saws and chain saws are available from the club for anyone who can spend some time to open this trail.

Oct 7/19: A trail clearing, shelter completion day is scheduled for Saturday Oct 12/19 if we have enough volunteers. There is still some work to do on the shelter but the main goal for this Saturday is to manually clear the trail from the shelter South to the meadow. (3 km). This is necessary because if the Rock Lake Road is plowed this trail would be the only way in with snowmobiles. We will be leaving from the hall at 8 am. Brush saws and chain saws will be supplied. Text or phone Peter at 960 6953 for more information or to advise if you will be going.

Sept 22/19: After 7 days of construction the new Thunder Mountain Shelter is almost ready for the upcoming sledding season. There is still work to be done on the shelter and the trail to the shelter. Another work day is scheduled for Friday September 27. Please phone or text Peter (960 6953) if you are able to spare that day to help. Also as a reminder the 4 km south from the shelter to the meadow still needs to be cleared. Brush saws and chain saws are available anytime from the club. Click on Thunder Mountain Shelter to view photo album

Sept 16/19: Last Friday and Saturday we had another two days of construction on the Thunder Mountain shelter with a big thanks to the mainly same crew of “seniors”. We are scheduling two more days this Friday and Saturday Sept. 20 & 21. To all of you ardent, younger snowmobilers please see if you can spare a day or two to help us this weekend. Phone or text Peter at 960 6953 if you are coming.


Sept 8/19: After 3 long work days the new “Thunder Mountain Shelter” is now up and closed in with windows,door and roof. Thanks to the following members who donated their time and expertise to help with the construction.

One day:Jim Wiggins, Ken Prokop, Gary Bergen, Trevor Wessel, Kerry Bray and Bill Tuttroen
Two Days: Wayne Harnett. Greg Melvin, Kane, Kole and Tim Kuiack
Three Days: Cec Friesen, Dave Street and Peter Kirychuk. Also a big thanks to Marie Patterson who supplied delicious butter tarts for the crew.
There is still a lot of work to do to make the shelter and trails to the shelter available for the upcoming sledding season. Another work bee is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, Sept 14 & 15. For those of you who have not yet volunteered,this is a good opportunity for you to see the site and assist with the construction. This is not a “male only” project and woman are most definitely welcome!


August 28/19: The construction of the new shelter will commence on Sept 5/19. The material will be delivered near to the site by M & M Lumber and we will then move it to the site by quads and trailers. We will need help for this project and also for clearing the trail from the site to the meadow. If you are able to assist or need more information please phone or text Peter at 306-960-6953 or email ramseybaysnow1@gmail.com. We will be leaving from the community hall at Ramsey Bay at 8:30 am on Sept 5 or you can drive directly near to the site. (see attached map).

August 20/19: The trail from the tower road to the new shelter site was cleared yesterday. The site itself including the parking lot was also cleared. The area was wet due to the recent rain but hopefully will dry out prior to construction in early September. More on these dates to be posted soon. Thanks to Gerry, Ken, Greg, Jim and Peter for the clearing.
On another note we have decided to cancel the pancake breakfast scheduled for August 31.

August 2/19: It’s official! We have written government approval to construct our new snowmobile shelter. This shelter will be located near the tower road approximately 30 km from Ramsey Bay. Clearing of the site and construction will commence later this month. We will be asking for volunteer help to complete this project and more information will be posted later on this page.

May 5/19: At the ATV rally there was an unclaimed prize (blue ticket no. 5268683). If you have this ticket contact Peter at 306 960 6953 to be the winner of a barbeque.

May 5/19: There was mud, there was water, there was snow, there was even some sun, there was getting stuck, there was being winched out and there was a lot of fun. This was at the 2019 ATV Rally held last Saturday. A huge thanks to Randy and Tim for coordinating this event and to the many volunteers and prize donors. Almost everyone of the 102 entries received a prize because of the many donations. This was the first ATV rally since 2012 and one of the most successful. Randy and Tim…are you ready for a repeat next year??

1st prize    ($450)             Riley Keating
2nd Prize  ($270)             Kai Kuiack
3rd Prize   ($180)             Jaden Steinhauer

50/50 (276.50)                 Carleen Bartel
Saskatchewan Miki          Brian Painchaud

Click to view 2019 ATV Rally photo Album

May 2/19: Click for updated list of sponsors and volunteers

April 29/19: Finally the ATV rally is almost here and will be held on Saturday May 4. This is the first RBSC ATV rally since 2012. Randy and crew have done a lot of work in preparation for this event and it will certainly be a fun time for all. Click for a current list of prize donors and volunteers but both prizes and volunteers will be accepted until rally day.

April 18/19: A reminder that the annual ATV rally is scheduled for May 4/19. Although we still have some snow here at Ramsey Bay, by rally time conditions should be ideal.Here is a list of prize donors and volunteers to date but we are still in need of more help with the rally. If you are able to volunteer some time contact Randy at 306-221-6172.

April 2/19: The snowmobile season is now over for another year but it was an excellent year with plenty of snow and many fun times. It is now time to bring out the quads and get ready for the ATV rally on May 4/19. Coordinators Randy Steinhauer and Tim Thomson have plans well under way but volunteers are still needed to help stage this event. If you can help with ticket sales, bar tending, cleanup or just help call or text 306-221-6172.
As usual we are also soliciting for prizes either from individuals or business. Click for a printable poster


March 24/19:  Another successful fish derby is now history. There were 90 total entries with approximately half that number on the ice attempting to entice that ever elusive walleye. Only two fish were caught during the derby but a good time was had by all under mainly sunny skies. First prize ($405) went to Derrick Grayson who landed a 2.5 lb. pike. 2nd prize ($270) was won by Fran Blechinger with a 14 oz. walleye. Third prize ($135 ) went to Eileen Rempel on a draw.
Thanks to the Kuiack’s for coordinating this event and all other volunteers who assisted.
Our next event will be the ATV rally on May 4/19. More information on this to follow later.


Feb 25/19: Congratulations to Leo Lefaivre who won the SSA 4 sled raffle 


Feb 18/19: The 19th annual RBSC snowmobile rally is now history but was a great success. There were 164 entries and about 80 riders with most of them riding the long loop. Leland Slobodian was the main prize winner taking home $1000 cash supplied by RBSC. 2nd prize went to Holly Stevens (bread maker donated by Medi – Centre Pharmacy). 3rd prize (helmet donated by Pines Service) was won by Carol Salisbury.
A big thank you to the coordinators, Sean Harder and Tyler Tollefson plus the many other volunteers who helped stage this event. Also a big thanks to all of the individuals and business who donated the many prizes.


Feb 14/19: Click for a printable map of the rally route.




Jan 14/19:  

A message from our new Secretary/Treasurer Natasha Brandt.

Ramsay bay snowmobile club members,

I don’t want to take you away from the snow for too long! I just wanted to send out an introduction to those of you who have not met me yet. My name is Natasha Brandt and I will be our clubs Treasurer/secretary for the next two years.

I was born and raised in Saskatoon and have been coming up to the campground and now the family cabin at Weyakwin in the summer my whole life. We have been coming up to the family cabin in the winter since I was 8. I have only missed a couple of the annual snowmobile rallies. I remember the first rally like it was yesterday. My significant other and I spend a majority of winter at the lake and try to get up as much as we can in the summer.

If you have would like to renew your membership or become a member of the club please feel free to contact me via Facebook or email at Natasha.brandt6@gmail.com

Happy Sledding


Jan 14/19: The Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club has an annual membership fee which helps to offset the cost of maintaining our trails and shelters. The fee is $20 for a single membership and $50 for a family with young children. Our fiscal year is from April 1 to Mar 31. Memberships can be paid to anyone on the executive or at our functions. We have also made it easier for those who do online banking. Simply do an e transfer to ramseybaysnow1@gmail.com. Include in the comment section your name, address, phone number and membership type.

Dec 22/18: Several inches of snow in the last day or two should help with sledding conditions over the holidays.Thanks to Les Anderson we now have a sign for the Musquash shelter which was put up today. Merry Christmas and a Happy Sledding New Year from the executive of the Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club.

Dec 18/18:  Some of the executive (Tyler, Natasha, Peter ) and 6 others (Dave, Leland, Tyler, Giselle, Gerry, Chad) opened up the Moosehorn and Halfway House trails on the weekend. Although these trails are passable they still need work so if you are on them take along a saw and help clean them up.

Dec 13 2018: Rock Lake Road update: Unfortunately the Rock Lake Road has been plowed from The Elaine Lake Road all the way to the Tracy. Apparently it will be used for moving equipment from the logging block near Ashley Lake to a block on the Tracy. There will be no log hauling on the road but it will be out of commission for snowmobiles probably until mid-January.

Dec 11 2018: An introductory message from our new president, Tyler Tollefson.

Ramsey Bay Snowmobile Club Members,

I wanted to send out a quick message to our members introducing myself to those of you that I have not met. My name is Tyler Tollefson and I will be our clubs president for the next two years. My wife Erin (nee Harder) and I reside in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and have two daughters Sawyer and Burke.

I was born and raised in Weyburn and had never been north of Prince Albert until Erin and I met in 2002. I immediately fell in love with the north and Weyakwin Lake so much so that Erin and I chose it to be the setting for our wedding in 2010. We spend the majority of our winter and summer vacation time as a family at Weyakwin and look forward to doing so for many years to come!

If you have questions, concerns or ideas please feel free to contact me at tytollefson@hotmail.com or on my cell 306-861-2406. (Please note I am not on Facebook so if you post on there I will not see it)

Safe and Happy Sledding!

Tyler Tollefson