April 6/17: Looks like sledding is over for another season. Time to bring out the quads!

Mar 30/17;  Although sledding is still possible, snow is settling and disappearing fast. Looks like sledding is almost over for another year.

Mar 22/17:  Sledding is still on. Several inches of snow today and still snowing at 5 pm. Don’t forget our annual fish derby is on this Saturday. Come out and support your club and see if you can catch the big one!

Mar 16/17:  Sledding is still on!  Several inches of snow in the past day or two. Conditions for the weekend should be good.

Mar 8/17: Fair amount of snow with blizzard conditions the past few days resulting in hard drift. Bush trails should be in good condition.

Mar 2/17:  Only a few flurries the past week, however snow is in the forecast for this weekend.  Trails have been groomed to George Lake but still some rough spots due to lack of snow.

Feb 22/17: The trails took a beating after the warm spell last week. A few flurries the past few days has helped slightly but trails although still rideable need more snow.

Feb 15/17: Despite warmer than normal temperatures and no new snow, the trails remain in good condition. Most trails will be groomed before the rally.

Feb 2/17: Although no new snow since last report trails and lakes are in good condition.

Jan 24/17: Snow has arrived with 10 to 12 inches on the weekend. Conditions are great!  Most trails have been opened but need some tidying up so if you are riding carry a saw and help us keep the trails in good shape. Some grooming has already been done and more will be scheduled as needed.

Jan 19/17: Unfortunately conditions remain the same with no new snow. We have been clearing some trails and because of the heavy snow fall in October which has since melted most trails are in bad shape.

Jan 11/17: A few scattered flurries since last report. Snow and trail conditions are still marginal.

Jan 4/17:  Same old story as no new snow again for the past week. Hopefully it will come soon!

Dec 28/16:  No new snow since last weeks report.  Family ride scheduled for Saturday Dec 31/16 has been cancelled.

Dec 22/16: Several inches of snow in the past few days has made sledding possible but more snow is needed for good sledding. Lakes are safe with nearly two feet of ice but very little snow for the most part.  Watch for big ice heaves on Weyakwin.

Dec 16/16:  There is now over a foot of ice on the lake but we are still waiting for snow. Not near enough for sledding yet!

Dec 8/16:  We are now into a cold spell and still no snow so sledding is put on hold again!

Nov 30/16:  Welcome to the first trail report of the season. Although we had two feet of snow in October, we have none now.  Lakes are frozen with about 5 inches of ice and the ardent fishermen are already out there. Checked some trails with quads and the muskegs are frozen so all we need now is snow.  Stay tuned!!