Jan 10/18: Snow!! Yesterday we received at least the 15 to 20 cm that was forecasted. Sledding should be great but a cold front has moved in.

Dec 14/17: Today 10 club members built a new bridge on the Cheeyas trail as the old one was washed out. We also cleared and opened the trail to Musquash through the lakes and completed the clearing on the Kids Lake Trail.
No new snow this past week and with the warm weather conditions have deteriorated. However snow is in the forecast later this week.

Dec 5/17: A few more inches of snow the past few days. We now have a good base but more snow is needed for you powder seekers. Some trails have been partially cleared but need more work. A lot of trails are yet to be opened so if you are riding best carry a saw or it could be a short ride. As usual there is some slush on the lakes.

Nov 14/17:  6 to 8 inches of snow today and more expected. Lakes are frozen with 8 inches of ice in the bay. Time to get the sleds out and check some trails!

Nov 29/17: Several inches of snow last Monday improved sledding conditions but still waiting for that big snowfall.