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The final photos to be voted on for the slednsnap photo contest have been selected. In this final group we have 4 photos from members of our club. They are photos by Tyler Tollefson, Sheldon Derksen, Natasha Brandt and Peter Kirychuk. The winner receives a tilt trailer plus the use of a closed in trailer for the club for one year. Voting has commenced and you can vote until April 30th by logging in to slednsnap.com. You can vote once per day and also for more than one photo.
Let’s get voting and see if we could win for our club!😋


The 2017/18 sledding season is fast coming to an end however we still have a lot of snow so sledding could continue into April . Our annual fish derby was held on Saturday March 24 with over 70 entries. Unfortunately the actual fishing part was cancelled due to unsafe ice conditions with slush and water covering the surface. However the evening festivities were held with prize presentations and a delicious beef on a bun supper. Thanks to Tim Dament and Ken Prokop for coordinating the event, to Elsie Wiggins and the ladies for the food preparation and to the many other volunteers who helped. Also a big thanks to all the prize donors and everyone who attended on Saturday evening.
1st prize($324) was won by Bill Messert, 2nd ($216) Gail Kurmey and 3rd ($108) Brendan Miller. Bucket prizes were awarded to Tim Dament, Brenda Bond and Alex Climenhaga. The 50/50 raffle $302) has not yet been claimed. Ticket no. 275749.